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Football Will Remain A Joy In Our Lives

Football Will Remain A Joy In Our Lives
So growing up, one of my greatest memories was the very football games we played in our backyards with small poles and to this day those memories are still fresh in my mind as I can still get to enjoy such games on Sundays or maybe weekdays but it is nothing compared to the childhood football games at the backyard. Almost every Ghanaian kid got a tale to tell as much as this topic Is brought up.
It really does get better when you are the ball owner and even much better when the game is played in your backyard. As the ball owner, you get to make the rules of the game and no one dares challenge you when the game is being played in your backyard you get to decide the game time and everything including marking territories and all.
At home, I was one of the sharpest players and could dribble the entire park but that was only because I was playing against mediocre players. Back in school, I barely made the cut every time selections are made. The few people from my area who attended my school will always tell the teachers about how good I really was but it seems my size was always a factor to count me out. I decided to pressure my parents into buying me a ball for school but they didn’t want to until one day my dad actually decided to watch me during one of our games in the backyard.
He was more than thrilled and the next day I returned from school to meet a brand new leather ball on my bed. I grabbed the ball and took it straight to my mom to ask about it and I was told it was for my young brother. I almost cried because that little boy couldn’t even kick a ball into a pole but later my dad told me it was rather for me and my mom was only teasing. The joy in my eyes as I thanked my dad was something else. I asked my Dad if I could take it to school this coming Friday and he said yes I can. I told no one about my new ball until Friday when I pulled up to school with a brand new leather ball.
It was even better to realize this ball was far better than the ones the school owned. All eyes were on me as everyone wanted to get a kick and that’s how I felt like a king. The class prefect suggested we play a match with another class during the physical education session and this time around, I was to handle the selection of players and that’s how I became the captain of the class football team. The target was to amaze everyone and I managed to overdo it.
I went on to become the football captain for the entire school when I entered junior high school and the rest was history. Despite my footballing skills, I was never allowed to pursue a footballing career but either way, I’m glad I have some good memories to share. Life is still good chasing a degree and every time I see a game being played, I join to test how much skill I still got in me, and it’s always amazing to realize I’ve never lost my footballing touch. To me, football is a passion and I make sure to enjoy playing and watching altogether.



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