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Here Are Some Unique Experiences You Can’t Afford To Miss In Ghana

Here Are Some Unique Experiences You Can’t Afford To Miss In Ghana
Ghana is a nice place to visit and I bet you a slightly prolonged holiday in Ghana will urge you to make some changes in your life and even Stay here for ages. For the newcomer, everyday has its beauty and uniqueness to behold. You’ll love the Ghanaian spirit. And you’ll also learn a great deal. From starting to appreciate goodness & grace. Appreciating & being grateful for life, learning to be hopeful & building faith and being strong. All boils down to some of what experiences you’ll encounter in Ghana.
Just be nice and dress properly, Don’t go there sagging your pants because thats very common in Ghana and the society is gonna think maybe you are one of those Sakawa boys who are also known as internet fraudsters. Try moving around with google maps before boarding a taxi cos the Taxi driver might wanna take you through the longest route in order to ripp you off.
It make sense to exchange foreign currencies at a accredited Bureau the changers…Do not patronise those ones that hang around the street.Stay away from Nima,its the Ajegunle of Accra,Ghana and its full of junkies and hustlers..If you wanna meet Nigerians,You might wanna hang out at circle, or New town.
If you going there for tourism, try walking around the street of Ghana and always end up your day at the sea side..The most popular one is Labadi beach located on the highway to Tema…
You would like to see some of the age old castles of the colonial days & the scramble for Africa Era. Castles through which slavery was conducted. Walking in the Castle’s and imagining how it will feel being a slave or a slave master. Being stucked in dungeons packed so tight with fellows with only a strain of light coming through tiny holes of the dungeons.
Or being a slave master standing in a chapel in the castle on a Sunday holding a church service with fellow slave master’s & having hundreds of slaves stacked underneath the dungeons under the chapel with slaves howling on top their voices and banging on the walls… those are past times but it’ll be a memorable experience to tour in Ghana’s Castle’s.



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