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Is corruption Ghana’s main developmental drawback?

Is corruption Ghana’s main developmental drawback?
Corruption in Ghana can amount to 70% which is a huge developmental drawback. It’s rather unfortunate that in Ghana we live with this disease all year round. Our system has made it so difficult for the poor or unlucky to survive in certain situations. Police who are supposed to protect and ensure our safety are asking for money with the least chance they get.
Criminals are getting away because they can easily bride their way out. Politicians who are supposed to lead the citizens are looting money and sharing it with family and friends. A lot of people are unemployed not because they aren’t qualified for a job but because our system is more of a “clan base” hence the unqualified get the job.
Politicians are the main reason why there’s so much corruption in the system because they as leaders are not setting better examples. So many of them have stolen states’ money and gotten away with it as freemen. Also, you may think as a religious country, corruption will be less but it’s rather the opposite. Religious leaders are charging enormous fees for consultation and the gullible ones are those who suffer the most.
Ghana is one of the most religious countries in the world without a doubt. There are more churches than schools in the country but corruption is always at its peak. Development is always stagnant because the police, politicians, religious leaders, and others are so selfish and greedy. They rather sit on millions of dollars than use it for a project that will benefit the masses. Africa is her own enemy.



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