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Simple Facts You Should Know About Ghanaians

Simple Facts You Should Know About Ghanaians
Jollof rice is the most popular dish for Ghanaians and yes you dare not compare the jollof rice of other countries to theirs or you stand the risk of getting roasted alive. When you first meet a Ghanaian they tend to be formal. As you become friends be prepared to laugh until your ribs ache and also be prepared for pranks. It’s a favourite past time.
Christmas in Accra is very different from in North America. There are many Christians, but it is traditional to spend the evening in the street. They are jam-packed!
The music industry is made up of a patchwork of independent studios. Artist often release their tunes on HulkShare and SoundCloud. This trend is changing now that artists can release their music on Spotify, iTunes and AppleMusic but the most popular music streaming platforms are audiomack and boomplay. Ghanaian music can now be easily heard anywhere, and the artists are getting much deserved royalties for their work.
Twi is a much-spoken language in Ghana. The word for yellow comes from the Ga tribal language and means chicken fat. I was in hysterics when my friend told me. He did the same when he learned this fact in school.



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